Here you won’t see the usual multi-function tools you’ve seen before, because NexTop’s multifunction tools just aren’t the same. These creative gadgets are structured for durability, convenience and precision. Maybe they are structurally over-engineered or overly beautified, but when you hold one of these tools it will be ergonomic and usable because every one of these products has been through rigorous testing to ensure that it works.

TaoTool S KT5015

• Blade Material:Sandvik® 12C27

• Handle Material:PA+50% glass fiber

• Weight:12.7grams/0.45oz

• Coating:Non-stick Teflon

• Available Color:Black,Blue,Green

TaoTool KT5509

Material:Sandvik 12C27


Open Length:110.6mm

Closed length:68mm


One-Hand-Opening pliers KT2341

Body Material:Stainless Steel

Handle Finish:Aluminum with hard anodized

Features:Needle-nose/Regular Pliers,Wire Cutters,Clip-Point Knife,Can/Bottle Opener,Saw,Slotted/Philips Screwdriver



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